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The agencies will be mapped with PFMS and SNA who will get a limit of virtual amount to make further payment. They will allocate the bills and will verify at their own level at the SNA platform that will be completely operated by the SNA.


Components are basically the kind of payment which will be derived through the SNA. hither, SNA will operate payment process as per the components and categories Mapped with the IFMS with PFMS code. The payment will be executed head wise for the specific component and category


Schemes are organized and operated by the government which are prepared for the social welfare of the citizens. Schemes plays a decisive role to solve the socio-economic problems that beset majorly to our society. Here, the government step over to make all the payments cashless and paperless.


SNA (Single nodal account) that is a platform of online payment integration runs between government schemes and implementing agencies mapped with the PFMS system. This process will be entirely operated by the SNA. Agencies account will be opened to the nominated banks that will be mapped with the IFMS. SNA will schedule a virtual limit (Daily/ weekly/ quarterly) for the agencies, through which agencies will get the payment amount for further scheme payment.